Sherwood Forest Improvement Association, Inc.
aka Sherwood Forest Estates

269 Knighthood Lane, Divide, Colorado 80814
Please mark your calendars for the the next annual meeting of SFIA Property Owners Sunday, July 20, 2014, 1 p.m. at the SFIA Hall.

07.20.14 Meeting Agenda

1PM - 1:30PM   



Meeting called to order

Reading of Meeting Minutes of January 21, 2014

Treasurer’s report
Click here to view 2013/2014 Expense Report and 2014/2015 Proposed Budget

Vote on 2014/2015 budget

Old business

New business: Joe Kraudelt, Department of Wildlife (DOW) volunteer, will speak about bear/mountain lion awareness and what to do when you see a baby animal.

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Archived Meeting Notes


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